Real Bread Bakers

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As screenings of Zev Robinson’s 28 minute documentary “Real Bread Bakers” (trailer - have had to be postponed indefinitely, it is now being made available online.

Six interviewees, including Andrew Whitley of Scotland the Bread and John Castley of Wild Hearth Bakery, look at how breadmaking, sourdough, local food, nutrition and a sense of community are all closely intertwined, and traces the real connections between rural, wheat growing areas and urban community projects in deprived neighbourhoods.

Personal stories, history and breadmaking practices are intricately interwoven with shots of leading bakers expertly plying their craft, mouth-watering Wild Hearth Bakery products, archival material and more to give a comprehensive view of the many wonderful aspects of breadmaking.

Other films can be seen here:
The Glasgow Diet can be seen here -

The Scottish Breed and The Black Isle -

The Fish in the Sea and Rocks, Crofts and Sheep

For those inspired to learn more, want to start baking or buy fantastic bread and support local businesses, more information and resources can be found on these following pages:

Scotland the Bread  is run by Andrew Whitley, producing organic flour from heritage grains. -

Bread Matters, considered a breadmaking bible, is available here -

Wild Hearth Bakery - is considered one of the nation’s best bakeries, and the documentary shows many of their mouth-watering products.

The Real Bread Campaign, set up as a collaboration between Andrew Whitley and Sustain, has a list of participating bakers, recipes, and more.

Unfortunately, Bridging the Gap - High Rise Bakers and The Glad Cafe, host of the Crossmyloof Bread Festival, are presently closed during the lockdown.

The Art and Politics of Eating - Zev Robinson’s film, art and food project with trailers to his other docs, images, updates and more. 

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A documentary with insights & inspiration about breadmaking, nutrition and community.

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Real Bread Bakers

6 ratings