Real Bread Bakers - Health and Well-Being

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Real Bread Bakers - Health and Well-Being

The Art and Politics of Eating
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On Wednesday, Nov. 18, at 7pm UK time, there will be the second screening-panel discussion of Real Bread Bakers, this time focusing on health and well-being.

Panelists will be talking about the role of bread and baking in our physical and mental well-being which has been especially important during Covid and lockdown when related issues of health, isolation, baking and school meals have been so prominent.

Pauline Beaumont, author of Bread Therapy https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bread-Therapy-Mindful-Art-Baking/dp/1529359597 will be talking about how “the physical and meditative nature of making and providing bread has helped her foster the self-acceptance that she works to help her clients reach”.

John Castley, founder of Wild Hearth Bakery https://www.wildhearthbakery.com/ is working on introducing whole wheat bread as part of school lunches, and will be discussing those efforts and its importance.

Food writer William Rubel https://williamrubel.com/, author of Bread, A Global History https://www.amazon.com/Bread-Global-History-William-Rubel/dp/1861898541 will be presenting aspects of bread's impact on health and well-being.

Andrew Whitley (yet to be confirmed), baker, author, miller and founder of Scotland the Bread https://scotlandthebread.org/ (where his books are available), will add his fantastic insights and years of experience.

Tickets are £2.30 (less than a loaf of good bread) to see Real Bread Bakers and attend the Zoom panel discussion. A link will be sent out the day before the event.
*The documentary should be viewed _before_ the panel discussion*

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A screening of Real Bread Bakers and panel discussion

2.4 GB
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